How To Adapt Recliner For Right Arm Surgery?

If you or someone you know is preparing for right arm surgery, the prospect of adaptation to many everyday activities can be overwhelming. Undergoing surgery, particularly on the arm, can be a challenging experience for many people. simple daily tasks suddenly become difficult. One such task is sitting comfortably in a recliner.

Fortunately, there are ways to adapt a recliner for those who have had right arm surgery. By making a few simple modifications, you can transform your recliner into a comfortable and supportive seat that will help you recover more comfortably. In this article, we will guide you through adapting your recliner to accommodate your post-operative needs.

How To Adapt Recliners For Right Arm Surgery

Tips On How To Adapt Recliner For Right Arm Surgery

Here is how you can modify your recliner if you went through arm surgery and get a comfortable and relieving chair for post-surgery recovery

Get Extra Cushioning

The healing process following right arm surgery can be long, and the back support cushion is an invaluable throughout this time. Installing a back support cushion onto your recliner ensures that you’ll have extra comfort when using it – not to mention extra lumbar and shoulder/neck supports. Make sure to select a cushion designed for adjustable support, so you can make minor modifications as needed.

Arm Support is essential

Adding arm support to your recliner is also essential in adapting it for surgery. The best arm support for you will depend on your specific needs and comes in various shapes. For instance, if you’re healing from arm surgery, you may opt for a removable pillow or foam wedge that can be taken out when your arm is ready to use. Additionally, if you need extra lumbar support, consider an adjustable lumbar support cushion that can slide up and down the back of the recliner.

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Adjustable Reclining Position

Adjustable reclining positions are vital in adapting your recliner for right arm surgery.You can vary the height of your chair or the backrest’s angle depending on your type.Doing so will help ensure your arm is comfortable sitting in the chair. It may also provide extra back support if you need it.

Furniture Positioning

Adjust the furniture positioning once your arm has healed enough to use it again. Move any chairs or couches that may be blocking your view of the right arm so you can move around more easily. Additionally, make sure that any tables or countertops are at a comfortable height for you to use your arm on.

PVC Modification of Lever

Consider adjusting the lever when using a recliner after right arm surgery.Many people recovering from arm surgery find that using PVC tubing instead of the regular metal lever provides them with more support and stability when sitting in a chair.It’s crucial to remember that you should only change this if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, the metal lever is perfectly safe to use.

Tips On How To Adapt Recliner For Right Arm Surgery


How do I make my recliner more comfortable?

Adding extra cushioning, arm support, and adjustable reclining positions are great ways to make your recliner more comfortable. Additionally, consider modifying the lever with PVC tubing for added stability when sitting in the chair.

How do I adjust furniture positioning after surgery?

Once your arm has healed enough to use it again, adjust the furniture positioning. Move any chairs or couches that may be blocking your view of the right arm so you can move around more easily.

Can you sleep in a recliner after rotator cuff surgery?

It is not recommended to sleep in a recliner after rotator cuff surgery. While it may be comfortable, it can limit your range of motion and hinder healing. It’s best to wait until you have a full range of motion before attempting to sleep in a recliner.

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Final Words On Using Recliner After Right Arm Surgery

Adapting a recliner for arm surgery can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper pillow and positioning techniques, you can turn almost any recliner into a comfortable chair for arm surgery recovery.

Hopefully, this post will make the adaptation process easier by providing information about proper cushioning, posture, and spacing. It’s essential to keep in mind that everyone’s medical needs are different, so if you need extra support or would benefit from additional pillows, don’t hesitate to make those accommodations!

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