About Us

At PoshSittings, we strive to create a work environment that helps our experts to associate with each other like a team. A bunch of experts that foster growth and work enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge to deliver the best customer experiences collectively.

Marcel George – Founder of Posh Sittings

Hey! My name is Marcel George; I am the lead massage chairs reviewer at Posh Sittings. I have done M.F.A Furniture Design from Rhodes Island School of Design. I Have more than fifteen years of experience in Recliners, Massage chair mechanisms and couches, I endure hands-on experience in testing, analyzing, and reviewing the furniture & interior sittings from different brands. Being an interior enthusiast, my specialization in massage chairs & recliners allows me to broaden my horizons on the niche with the chance to inspect new models and features for the company’s audience. 

Our Company’s Journey             

Posh Sittings has been achieving breakthrough pioneering milestones for a decade in the self-care furniture market. We embarked on this golden journey in 2010 to promote a healthy lifestyle approach with comfortable and exquisite furniture, marking us as the trailblazer merchandisers of recliners and massage chairs in the United States of America.

Back in the days when anxiety and depression got recognized, US citizens first chose to get hands-on with the best wellness massage chairs and recliners to relieve chronic pain in the Neck, Shoulder, back, or whole body through massages at the end of the day.

Posh Sittings, the wellness specialist retailer, has always pictured the product’s facts straight-backed with medical awareness to assist the audience in grabbing the best shot available in the furniture market. Our idea of a healthy lifestyle includes a peaceful mind, fit body, sound sleep quality, and burden off shoulders— collectively, all to be achieved with comfortable sittings at your home or office to boost your energies and productivity.                     

Our Commitment Towards Readers

We value our readers and their opinions more than anything. It’s them who make us what we are today! We understand that our clients want to customize their home or office furniture by having great massage chairs, recliners, leather upholstery, comfortable sittings, etc. We help them idealize and visualize the best products to buy per their needs or medical issues requirements.

Our eagle-eyed reviews, informational content, and buying guides on outclassing a wide range of lifestyle furniture empower our potential clients to make the right decision based on their style and budget. Our hardcore commitment to our clientele helps us embrace more convenient options like pick up, purchase, and delivery of the products for the best customer care and services. Our target is to crack the mental peace code of your brain; thus, under the essence of our guidance, there is one thing to be sure about paying the adequate money for the style and medical comfort you expect only.  

Our Sole Mission Towards Future

“Posh Sittings aims to become No.1 American people’s choice for the best wellness furniture solutions towards a balanced and healthy life. Our anthem speaks of our contribution in giving an eye for the words and demands of our customers with positive/negative and worthy/ non-worthy experiences regarding recliners and massage chairs.”

Our Values Above All

To be on top of the competitors always comes with a price to pay! For us, it’s our expert’s honesty and experience to speak the facts, realities, and advantages of newly launched massage chairs and recliners tested personally by themselves. We ensure to mark the high-quality standards of furniture inspection under specialized team experts by using them personally for days received through PR packages or sponsorship programs of different brands.

Read more on how we test and review products.

It is not only about the furniture we receive to review, but our loyalty speaks volumes when our subscribers demand assistance on entirely different furniture products from our catalog. Our experts ensure their best to provide the actual user experience for massage chairs and recliners to the audience based on personal testing of the product. We value our subscribers above all, making us fall for them with genuine final reviews with all the good and bad qualities and pain points about the sitting or resting furniture right for their home or offices.            

Our Promise of Pioneering Quality

We promise nothing but to maintain our spearhead quality in providing the best information for comfortable furniture available in the market. We follow a mandatory procedure beforehand reviewing or commenting on any product for our clientele after testing out personally. So here are the necessary step taken:

  • To Receive PR Packages or Sponsored massage chairs or recliners initially. Moreover, considering any interior specific product on customer’s demand.
  • Send it straight to our furniture specialists to inspect for days.
  • They use the products in every possible way to check if it is sturdy enough to take daily wear and tear. Then pass on their sample report or final review to our publishing department. Keeping in mind our furniture experts does not hold experience not only in furniture but also a medical team back the facts to analyze whether the product is worthier for patients or not.
  • Passing remarks out of the publishing department are then recognized by our content creators to curate a blog post per the user’s query.
  • That’s how a blog gets published on our website, finally marking every step hundred percent authentic to our audience.      

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