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Terms of service, sometimes known as TOS, are contracts between firms and customers or users. By accepting Posh Sitting’s terms of service, you consent to the limitations of this website. If you do not accept these terms, you’ll be prevented from using this website. Patents and trademarks protect the material of Posh Sitting’s site.


Access is given to temporarily download and view one replica of the content on the Posh Sitting website for private, non-commercial use only. There are also certain restrictions here, such as not duplicating or altering content for commercial purposes. Removing any trademark or other commercial markings from the materials; copying the contents to a third party; or “mirroring” the materials on some other website is prohibited.

This will allow Posh Sitting to be terminated if restrictions of this site are violated. Your ability to view things will also end, and you’ll have to get rid of anything you’ve downloaded, whether it’s on paper or a computer file.


Posh Sitting do not express promises, and thereby nullifies all other warranties. In addition, Posh Sitting makes no claims as to the correctness or dependability of the use of the materials on its website, or any other claims about such materials or other sites linked to this website. 


Posh Sitting or its suppliers are not liable for any loss arising out of the use or failure to use the information on the Posh Sitting Website, although if Posh Sitting or a Posh Sitting designated representative has been informed verbally or in writing of the potential for such damage. Because some places don’t allow contract law restrictions or limits on liability for small losses, you may not have to follow these rules. 

Revisions and Corrections:

There may be technical, grammatical, or graphical errors in the content on the Posh sitting website. Posh Sitting makes no guarantee that the material of this website is correct, absolute, or up-to-date.

Posh Sitting modify the content of its site unannounced. Posh Sitting makes no obligation to update the information.


Posh Sitting has not evaluated all of the websites associated with its site and is not accountable for its content. The existence of any link does not reflect support of the linked site by posh sitting. User may use any linked website at it’s own and Posh Sittings is not responsible for any damages.

Changes to the Site’s Terms of Service

Posh Sitting may modify the Website Terms of Service at any time and without prior notice. By using this site, you are agreeing to all ToS.

Any dispute relating to the Posh Sitting Website shall be regulated by the law of the state of Posh Sitting without respect to its conflict of law provisions.