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Insights: Get a life…Get a Massage Chair! Wave bye to your bad days and relax with a full-body session on an automated 3D massage chair at home. It is simple to maintain and easy to understand how to reset the massage chair settings as per your needs. So if you desire to pre-set amazing massage settings, learn How To Reset Massage Chair this article.

Isn’t it a blessing to get a therapeutic massage session at night to relieve all-day stress, muscular pain, and tension in the body at home? Getting a massage has become easier than ever with the lavish massage chair kept in your living room. They not only look exquisite as furniture but also improve your overall health and well-being with a therapy session. Getting yourself relaxed means exceptional sleep quality and an energy-boosted body to prepare for the next day’s activities. 

People of various age groups and different physical conditions can enjoy massage chairs at any time of the day to soothe their bodies. The massage chairs play an eminent role in relaxing back muscles, boosting blood circulation, and mitigating muscle tension. Moreover, massage chair therapy helps in reducing stress and body fatigue which tends to relieve chronic diseases like hypertension, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and arthritis.

How To Reset Massage Chair - Panasonic Infinity

The massage chairs are a low-maintenance asset when it comes to their cleaning, dusting, massage mechanism running, and upholstery caring. If taken proper care and appropriate usage, it can work for a lifetime and people can enjoy its perks for a longer time. Massage chairs are a great way to relax and it is so simple that anyone can easily learn how to reset a massage chair settings as per their preferences. If you also wish to do so, check it out below!

How To Reset a Massage Chair? 

A luxury massage chair comes with a variety of customization options including massage rollers intensity, pressure or speed settings, music selection, massage period, massage points, and even the type of massage to soothe the users. It empowers you to get the best usage and personalization of massage chair settings as per your needs. Though it is observed that after a while users intend to make changes or reset the massage chair settings because of malfunctioning or mood changes. So here are a few ways to do it yourself:  

How to Reset Massage Chair With a Remote or Control Panel?

Resetting the massage chair is not a tricky job once you get a hold of it. Here are a few steps to follow and ensure smooth working of your massage chair:

How to Reset Massage Chair With a Remote or Control Panel

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Step#1: Power off and unplug your massage chair from the electric socket for 10-20 seconds to cool it down.

Note: The massage chair makes changes in the rollers mechanism during settings reset so no person should be sitting on the chair during this time.

Step#2: Now plug in its power cord again and grab the remote or control panel of the massage chair to press the Power Button ON. 

Step#3: Select a preset particular program as per your requirements so that when you reset the chair, the new program activates on its own. 

Step#4: Look for the power ON/OFF button and kneading button on the remote controller to press collectively for approx. 5-10 seconds.

Step#5: The LED light will keep blinking throughout this procedure which means the massage chair is under reset process.    

Step#6: Right after pressing the buttons, an error message will appear on the right side of the remote screen and the chair will calibrate slightly. 

Step#7: It depicts an indication that all the prior massage setting history has been reset and a new massage program has been activated.

How To Reset a Massage Chair Manually?

Sometimes, you might have issues with your remote and that’s when you should know how to reset your massage chair manually. Here are a few steps to follow:

How To Reset a Massage Chair Manually

Step#1: Start with switching off your massage chair but ensuring the power cord remains plugged in.

Step#2: Now find the reset button under the seat cushion. Most brands have reset buttons somewhere near seats.

Step#3: Press the reset button for a few seconds and then wait for approx. 5-10 minutes till the massage chair vibrates slightly.  

Step#4: The calibration represents the massage chair being reset on factory settings; however, one should be careful that during the entire process no user interferes or sits on the chair. 

Major Problems a Massage Chair Reset Resolves in a Jiffy!

Massage chairs usually encounter a number of problems over time considering multiple massage instructions and machine mechanisms. Simple settings reset might happen to resolve all such issues without needing to hire a professional’s help. Let’s find out how many problems might simply be resolved with a reset.

Major Problems a Massage Chair Reset Resolves in a Jiffy!

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Abrupt Malfunctioning: Not every user is an expert in the beginning, some excessive personalized settings may go haywire. So, if the massage chair stops working abruptly or malfunctions multiple times. It’s time to get it on a factory reset setting, refreshing the massage program does work in most cases so that you do not have to get a technician’s help.     

Over Heating: Jammed Up settings over time usually cause the massage chair pad or wires to heat up. Simple settings reset is what gives all the faulty routine/setting a refreshing start to the massager chair.

Noise Production: Excessive pressure on the air compressors or heated-up motor may cause the massage chair to produce noise during the therapeutic sessions making the experience unpleasant for the users. It’s an alarming time to first check if resetting fixes the chair and if not, one should seek professional help. 

Auto-Timer Dysfunctioning: Defining a period for massage is the real essence of the therapy. But sometimes, the auto-timer starts malfunctioning which externally does not harm the massage mechanism of the chair yet gives users more sessions than needed eventually making a big deal for them. Settings reset might minimize the auto-timer dysfunctioning as a solution.

Temperature Control: Many brands come up with heat or cool massage features. There might be several reasons for temperature issues during a massage session including user misunderstanding of the setting’s working. So a factory setting reset might be the solution to get the desired temperature during the session.

The market for massage chairs might be getting saturated because of the user’s demand for a lavish and relaxing lifestyle. Thus, most brands tend to optimize their massage chairs with the best maximum options. Likewise, several famous brands, Panasonic and Infinix being the best have also come up with extraordinary massage chairs and impeccable features. 

However, due to manual user complexity users find it difficult to understand their resetting process. So we have mentioned how to reset Panasonic and Infinix massage chair settings in a go. Let’s begin with.       

Get Panasonic Massage Chair Reset Immediately 

Panasonic massage chair ranks as one of the finest load takers along with a range of massage features. It has the best-predefined factory settings which come built-in while users first operate it, however, users may intend to personalize the settings for their comfort. Anyhow if the internal mechanism starts messing up, a Panasonic Massage Chair Reset to default setting is the best way to spike its performance at best again. Below are the instructions to reset the settings:

  • Switch on the chair and make sure no external load is exerted on the massage chair pad as the mechanism keeps changing during the process. 
  • Grab the Panasonic massage chair remote and look for any error code or indication on the screen. 
  • Press power buttons, hip and refresh buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds in case of any error or for manually resetting the settings.
  • Right after pressing these buttons, press the neck button, and the chair will vibrate. It indicates the previous settings memory has been deleted.
  • Now you have reset the chair and it would start working like a new one.

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Infinity Massage Chair Reset Manually

Infinity chair comes with greater optimization and personalization options than most brands. It is one of the most iconic automated massaging chair brands of all time considering a wide range of features from cooling to heating, zero-gravity, massage memory, 3D massage types, etc. So, if you are seeking the process of manually resetting the chair’s setting, here you go!

  • Plug in the chair’s power cord and switch it on. Now press the Power button just for once. 
  • Select the main “Menu” and go for the “Manual” option.
  • Now using the up and down arrow buttons, select your desired settings for timers, intensity, speed, etc. 
  • Once the selection has been completed, Press the right button and save the instructions on the “My Massage 1” or “My Massage 2” options to let the chair memorize the settings.
  • Now Press OK or Power button to let the massage chair operate as per your instructions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reset Osaki Massage Chair?

Osaki Massage chairs have one of the sturdiest built and easiest factory reset methods. As an Osaki user you simply have to follow the below-mentioned instructions to reset it to default settings:

Power off the chair and unplug the power cord, it gets the massage chair to delete all the previous data or message history. Remember the power button operates all types of functions in Osaki chairs. Now switch on the chair and press the power button on the remote controller for once.

The Green LED light on the side panel will start blinking indicating the chair is in an idle position. Now select your desired massage instruction by pressing the timer, speed, air pressure, or massage type buttons for default fifteen minutes timers. Press the power button again and the massage rollers will get back to either factory settings or the user-chosen theme.    

How To Reset Osim Massage Chair?

Osim chairs are mostly controlled by remote control like most of the other brands. To reset the osim massage chair, grab and turn on the remote by pressing the Power ON/OFF button. Select the “Main Menu” and go for the “Manual” option using the array Up/Down button.

The remote then blinks the LED light showing the auto-detection process for any errors or taking instructions for massage settings. For Manual massage options, select the Ok button along with the Up/Down button to choose the desired settings. Now your chosen settings will start working on the chair.   

Final Thoughts about Resetting Massage Chair

Massage chairs are a great tool to relax at home yet it is equally important to learn its appropriate settings first. Most of the time in 9/10 cases, a factory reset to default settings works best to get the chair a refreshing start. So resetting your chair is the best solution to save the time, money, and energy otherwise spent on hiring expensive technicians to examine the chair’s hardware.

Usually, different brands have different factory reset options, some include a direct reset button on the chair, some via remote control yet others with a process of pressing buttons. All-in-all you may get to learn resetting more in-depth through the user instruction manuals or service centers helpline provided with the chair.

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