Disadvantages Of Massage Chair [Detailed Guide]

Massage chairs have grown in demand in recent years due to the numerous benefits they provide, all from the convenience of your own home.

A massage chair provides numerous health benefits as well as optimal comfort for the entire family. A massage therapist is not required when purchasing a massage chair but also there are some disadvantages of massage chair.

Furthermore, everything comes with both advantages and disadvantages. If you’re curious if massage chairs have any disadvantages, don’t worry because this article discusses some of them.

Disadvantages of Massage Chairs
Featured Image: Disadvantages of Massage Chairs

Disadvantages Of Massage Chair – Getting Started

When you meet with an expert physiotherapist, there would be various options for massage for different parts of the body. While in the case of massage chairs there are limited options. As a result, these limitations and restrictions are some disadvantages of the Massage chair.

1. Size and Weight Limitations

Various massage chairs can cater to people up to 6 feet tall and 240 pounds. These constraints are very likely to keep you from selecting the best massage chair. You must search for the maximum permissible weight before purchasing the massage chair.

Weight could be one of the reasons you cannot find a good massage chair. In such a case, you will need to hunt for another viable alternate option. Numerous companies in the United States can accommodate tall and obese persons. You should look into those massage chairs.

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Limitations Of Massage Chairs

2. Access to Body Parts Limitations

The massage chair has restrictions in that it is unable to massage particular parts of the body and cannot provide a full body massage. The massage is useful on a variety of joints, including the shoulder, spine, and knees. They cannot, however, reach certain places, such as the face. This is because the massage chair’s parts are not capable of massaging some body parts.

If you are facing any sort of tenderness in any body part, you cannot use the massage chair to relieve it. In such cases, you will need to look for a masseuse.

3. Design Limitations

The fact that massage chairs are designed with a practical purpose in mind rather than one that prioritizes visual appeal limits the variety of styles available for these seats.

They look great in contemporary homes but could be out of place in older or more traditional styles of interior design. In addition, massage chairs can be purchased in a few distinct color options.

However, because they are predominantly basic colors (such as black or brown), it is rather simple to include them in the palette you already have.

Health Drawbacks of Massage Chairs

In addition to causing damage to the internal motor of the massage chair, overdoing massage, especially on the Massage chairs can cause injury to the muscles, irritation, and bruising of the soft tissues. Keep it low and go easy with your massage chair, particularly the first time you use it. The cost of excessive use outweighs any perceived gain.

1. Muscle Pain

If you overdo the massage on a massage chair or focus the massage too much on one place, it can cause pain. There are various plans to select from, and you should begin with the lowest intensity for each area of the body and work your way up to a relaxing but therapeutic massage.

If you’ve never been in a massage chair before, even the minimum frequency may be too much for you. Especially for patients with body aches and pains or Arthritis. These problems do not preclude you from ever utilizing a massage chair, but you should be cautious in your use and selection of different options.

2. Harmful for Low BP patients

Individuals who have low blood pressure will be unable to take advantage of massage chairs since this device has a particular limit. As a result, they would never prescribe this device to anybody who had low blood pressure.

According to the research about massage chair affects on BP patients, low blood pressure might worsen when people are shocked or stressed out. Massage chairs, in other words, would be a disaster for them.

Health Drawbacks Of Massage Chair
Featured Image: Health Drawbacks of Massage Chairs

Therefore, it is not something that should be recommended to persons who have problems with their blood pressure being too low.

3. Harmful for Patients with Heart Disease and other Conditions

It’s possible that utilizing a massage chair could help you feel less tired, but not everyone is a good candidate for making use of one of these chairs. An individual who consumes more amount of alcohol or who is overly sleepy should avoid Massage chairs.

The spinning of the massage chair in the massage chair improves blood circulation, which can result in heart disease and other ailments. That is why, it is not recommended for persons who have cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, or arthritis.

Technical Complexity of Massage Chairs

You do not want to relocate your massage chair to different areas of your home because it is difficult to move such a big item. Therefore, there are two main reasons why the installation of a massage chair would be challenging:

  • Size
  • Weight

Massage chairs are typically large and heavy, making installation challenging. Furthermore, they need a significant amount of area for installation and storage. Some massage chairs can weigh up to 270 pounds and have a reclined length of 75 inches.

As a result, anyone with a limited room will struggle to install and store the massage chair adequately. Before investing in a massage chair, we advise you to examine the weight and size of the massage chair.

1. Not a good substitute for a therapist

Any Artificial technology or gadget will never be able to replace a skilled human massage. So, even if you use a massage chair for a long time, you will never achieve the same effects as a professional.

Many physicians and physiotherapists agree that massage chairs are beneficial for relaxation and stress relief, but they would never advocate them as a substitute for actual massages.

2. The effectiveness is not guaranteed

Although current massage chairs have many intelligent features and innovations, they are not as effective as visiting a physiotherapist or doctor.

A massage chair cannot guarantee benefits for anybody. Some folks will be able to get all of the advantages that come with having a massage chair. In contrast, some people may not see any improvement in their health after using a massage chair. This is the primary reason why people refer to massage chairs as having several bells and whistles.

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3. Shorter lifespan

A massage chair has a 15-year average lifespan. So, spending so much money on a massage chair is a big risk. Poor quality massage chairs do not even last a year. The massage chair is prone to breaking down over time. Regularly inspect the components of your massage chair.

Before making a purchase, as previously stated, pay close attention to the component quality as well as the supplier’s dependability.

If you notice that the massage chair is not operating properly, you should replace the parts. The simple method for extending the lifespan of your massage chair is to keep it clean.

4. Includes Regular service

Massage chairs must be serviced regularly if they are intended to last as long as feasible. Although you maybe you want to do it yourself, servicing should only be done by a skilled professional. However, not all companies can ensure servicing; in fact, some of the most premium brands do not offer maintenance services.

As a result, before purchasing a massage chair, inquire about the manufacturer’s capacity to service your massage chair.

5. High Costs

When it comes to purchasing anything, many individuals place a high value on pricing. In the case of massage chairs, the vast majority of inexpensive massage chairs sold on Amazon.com are of poor quality; therefore, if you require the benefits that are connected with a high-quality chair, you should avoid purchasing one of these chairs.

Furthermore, decent massage chairs are likely to cost $6,000 or more, while a perfect chair can be purchased for $4,000 or less. When selecting a massage chair, it is critical to consider the pricing implications. You should also be aware that purchasing good solutions for frequent use will need a hefty investment.


Can massage chairs be harmful?

Although a massage chair has numerous advantages, prolonged use might cause muscle damage. Other negative effects include inflammation and injured tissues, as well as damage to the underlying massage chair engine. Keep it slow and gentle with your massage chair, particularly the first time you use it.

Do doctors recommend massage chairs?

Doctors rarely advocate massage chairs because they prefer traditional techniques such as massage therapy. They have, however, suggested massage chairs for their wide spectrum of health benefits.

Concluding Massage Chair Disadvantages

After reading the preceding material, you should now be aware of the disadvantages of massage chair. Therefore, if you are interested in having a pleasant massage experience, you should think carefully about your options before purchasing a massage chair.

Be sure to do some research on the many types of massage chairs available before you buy one so that you can choose one that meets all of your requirements.

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